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The Clutch Extra Small is a small accessory that perfectly fits inside our handbags. Consistently with Palorosa craft production, this bag is entirely handwoven in Guatemala, incorporating recycled plastic; this material makes the product light, minimalist and extremely durable. This style is presented in the classic solid and two-tone continuous weaving; a minimalistic design that enhances every new color, while evoking Palorosa’s unique aesthetics. This delicately structured clutch features clean and essential lines that display our master weavers’ exceptional abilities and attention to detail. The bag is closed by a tonal zipper with metallic pull. 

The Clutch Extra Small is a compact and practical accessory that can be used as a versatile coin purse or to carry small essentials inside any of our Palorosa tote bags. 

Due to the nature of materials and handmade process, slight irregularities may occur. These make each Palorosa product unique and special.

Small Accessory Collection
Designed in Italy
Handmade in Guatemala
10 cm height, 16 cm width, 3 cm depth
100% plastic (polyethylene HDPE)

In collaboration with Palorosa

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Palm, Tobacco, Chocolate, Blue lilac

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