The element of earth is associated with the concrete, material world. Governing perception through the body’s five senses, it is the physical plane, organic substance. This element has solidity, weight and gravity. It represents the constituted, objective order, the law of reality.



The element of fire is associated with vitality and energy. This element helps you see with an awareness of comprehensive, synthetic yet vital attraction. Ruling the etheric plane, vital irradiation and the spirit, it embodies everything that rises, the impulse to seek, the essential truth. It is what will be, what is to come, the law of desire and willpower.



Water flows through all that is sentimental and emotional. This element influences sensitivity and feelings. It is the astral plane, ruling empathic contact, resonating with the universe. It offers sensitivity, what within us can perceive our needs and protect fragile things. This element, making us subjective, also connects us to our deepest, innermost humanity. It governs what was, the past and affectionate memory.



Air is associated with the mental sphere and ideals. This element affects perception via thought and intellect. It is the mental plane, one’s ability to make associations, find links and conceptualise. It rules the abstract, what one is capable of objectifying, reality within an ideal order of just proportions. It embodies the many and varied possibilities of expressing reality.

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