L:A BRUKET – Nº102 Bergamot/Patchouli

  • ref. Nº102 Crema De Manos Bergamota/Patchouli
  • Hand cream for dry and chapped skin that moisturizes, nourishes and protects. The essential oils from bergamot and patchouli stimulates and have astringent and cleansing properties. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects. They have a slight antiseptic effect and treats dried out skin. Meadowfoam is astringent, nourishing and rich on Omega 6 och 9. Comfrey is astringent, moisturizing and known to ease and heal small scratches and sunburn. Bergamot peel oil eases, is cooling and has a slight exfoliating effect. Patchouli leaf oil is calming, cleansing, astringent and healing.

    Volume: 70ml.

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