The world is filled with things we love, images that inspire us and people who move us.


Because humans belong to nature, we’ve always been in a deep connection with it. That’s

why we can’t live without interacting with plants, animals and all the living being in this



Eli set out on a long journey throughout Latin America, where she went finding herself

and also with nature. She settled down at the countryside for a while, where time goes

slowly, letting us contemplate the cycles of nature and where land connects with ourselves.

There she started her first atelier with a modest and tiny production done entirely by her.

This is where Mamita Botanical Skincare’s soul was born, a brand of natural

cosmetics made with the affection and care of someone who loves what she does.


Time brought her back to Barcelona, her hometown, where her fresh and ecological

cosmetics project have found her place, hatching an invisible connection in between Latin

America and the Mediterranean, connecting the two continents, making use of the ancient

wisdom that both cultures have kept and passed on, generation after generation.


Natural ingredients such as Olive Oil, Rosemary or Lavender, typical from the

Mediterranean culture or Achiote from the Amazonian region, blend with the specially

selected and handpicked plants, as well as essential oils of multiple aromas, colours and

textures, without colourings nor artificial basis lotions and even less tested with animals.

Handmade products, far away from factories, made with the human attention and



Mamita Botanical Skincare  produces its natural cosmetic products staying truth to its

ethical principles and with a clear manifesto ‘our skin is linked to our emotions and its a

reflection to what happens inside us’. Mamita creates organic products that feed and take

care of our skin, creating a balance between the interior and exterior of our body. Mamita

products try to create a sisterhood, a real equality between women, that restores our link

with mother earth.